Scientific-Industrial Implementation Enterprise “Ferrohydrodynamica” is the result of long-term work of Vladimir Radionov, the honoured inventor of Ukrainian SSR, the republican prize-winner, Candidate of Technical Sciences, the Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Technological Cybernetics of Ukraine (1937 - 1994), the founder of Mykolayiv school of applied ferrohydrodynamics.

The main principles of magnetic fluids which characterize the school in Mykolayiv have been enhanced since the beginning of the seventies; the research and development division was organized by the Decision of the State Committee on Science and Technology at the Council of Ministers of the USSR in 1977. V. Radionov headed the central factory laboratory on magnetic fluids at PA "Nicond" in 1986, and the “Ferrohydrodynamica” Central Research and Development Bureau that was set up in Mykolayiv in 1990.

“Ferrohydrodynamica” Central Research and Development Bureau were converted into the Scientific-Industrial Implementation Enterprise “Ferrohydrodynamica” after disintegration of the Soviet Union.