Magnetic fluids

"Ferrohydrodynamica" produces the wide spectrum of magnetic fluids on various bases - hydrocarbons, the organosilicone fluids, glycerol, diethyleneglycol, etc.

The volume of MF production is sufficient for the complete equipment by magnetic fluid of devices of own manufacturing (MFS, MFSA) and deliveries to the customers. Magnetic fluids are released on the specifications registered in Ukraine and Russia.

How to order MFS

If you are going to order magnetic fluid seal for protection bearing units of any device, we ask to send us the information necessary for working out of MFS:

1. The name, a brand of the mechanism, the engine, the apparatus.
2. Type of bearing unit.
3. Type of conventional seal.
4. Max dimension of conventional seal (the sketch or the drawing of the seal and bearing unit with the installed seal is desirable).
5. Diameter of the shaft in a setting point of conventional seal.
6. A shaft rotational speed.
7. The sealed medium, pressure, temperature.