Magnetic fluid shock absorbers

Using various unique properties of ferrofluid, high efficient FF of a new type has been produced.
The levitation type FF shock absorbers have some advantages in comparison with conventional ones:

- low natural frequency (2-5 Hz), efficient damping of low-frequency oscillations;
- high vibration drop (20-50 db);
- the capability of controlling carrying, hardness, damping coefficient and free tun without changing overall dimensions;
- ability of operationability within the wide range of outer non-favourable actions;
- the retention of operationability within the wide range of outer non-favourable actions;
- simplicity in manufacturing, operation and maintenance;
- high maintainability;
- long-life operation.

A vibration machine, FF shaker unit, for testing electronic devices has been designed and applied at PA “Nikond”, it is of lower noisiness, material and power consumption. Efficient oscillation damping enabled to assemble the FF – based supply unit, the electrical drive and the control unit that provided the shaker unit compactness and ease in operation. The ratio of its load capacity to its own weight is higher than 1:1, for conventional shaker units it is lower than 1:10 (fig. 1)

The FF vibration mixer for paints and greases has also been developed for the Laboratory of the Experimental Shop (“Vozko” Leather Tanning Association, Voznessensk). The eccentric-driven plate is placed on four dampers, the containers for the mixing paints or greases for leather tanning being fixed on the plate. The unit’s weight is 50 kg, it carries the containers of 60 kg.

Vibrocleaner of pressed air cylinders for respirators was made for “Yuzhny” port.
Levitation type ferrofluid shock-absorbers were applied by “Ferrohydrodynamica” in equipment of different kind to prevent transfer of vibroplate oscillations with the eccentric drive on the basis.

The ferrofluid of them executes a role of a simultaneously elastic and damping element. An optimal ratio of elastic and damping ability, nonlinearity of elastic and damping characteristics allow to realize effective vibration isolation in a wide frequency range.
In that shock-absorbers the ferrofluid is not subject to wear during operation, does not change the properties, prevents mechanical contact between a mobile element and housing.

In 1998 at the request of children?s regional hospital the incubator (block for accommodation newborn with instrumentation of life-support and preheating) shock-absorbers of ambulance branch of reanimation newborn were made. As earlier mounted shock-absorbers were disabled, all block of instrumentation was removed with aged РАФ ambulance. With deriving of the automobile "Газель", more spacious, the management of hospital has decided to reconstruct ambulance on a new basis, as the need for its availability is great - to save life newborn with some kinds of patrimonial traumas is possible only in conditions of reanimation department of children?s regional hospital, and for carriage of the child there from regional maternity home the availability of the automobile with special instrumentation and effective shock-absorbtion is necessary.

As the position of incubator in relation to other equipment of ambulance could not be changed, for accommodation of incubator having the mass of 70 kg a transitional frame was made, which fastened to shock-absorbers installed on the basis of the block of the medical equipment. For a basis of the ambulance shock-absorber (fig.3) was taken the shock-absorber of technological devices with some essential improvement and strengthening which are taking into account automobile specificity.

During operation (end of 1998 – beginning of 2000) the ferrofluid shock-absorbers proved to be more effective to cut vibration at much smaller amplitudes as compared with conventional shock-absorbers. That allowed to deliver newborns to the regional hospital from the country. A child is connected to life-support instrumentation and lies in an incubator without fixing and holding bandages.