Magnetic fluid seals

Except magnetic fluid seals, “Ferrohydrodynamica” developed such devices, as magnetic fluid clutches for twirl transfer.

By request of Krivorozhsky by-product coke plant the clutch of exhauster fan shaft was developed. As maintenance of exhauster fan has shown, cases when the exhauster fan shaft gas pump in length about 3 m is destroyed at run-up are frequent. For the drive of exhauster fan induction motors by power of 75-90 kW are used. The big inertia of the fan wheel and the slightest increment of a friction in bearing units of the long shaft, especially in a winter time, conduct to growth of twisting stress in a material of the shaft which sometimes exceed the admissible. Magnetic fluid clutch transfers an even moment and admits slippage, i.e. is the reliable safety gear providing fast speedup of the induction motor and gradual – the drive mechanism, in this case – the exhauster fan. At use the magnetic fluid clutches such serious deficiency of the induction motor, as the big starting currents is possible to reduce clutches to a minimum. At use magnetic fluid clutches the electric drive can be started practically no-load, and spin-up of the actuated mechanism occurs smoothly eventually which is proportional to the moment transferred by the clutch.

By request of the Mariupol by-product coke plant design calculation has been made and the complete set of the working documentation for the clutch of the plant test-bench its manufacturing is executed.